Fixing Global Warming

Achieving net zero emissions and beyond

Carbon dioxide is a major green house gas with human made carbon dioxide being the main contributor to global warming. With global warming melting earth's ice caps, raising earth's sea level, inducing desertification, and worstening natural disasters, humanity has an obligation to create a future in which the next generation can inherit the same planet we’ve enjoyed. To fix this problem, we can turn back the clock on human-emitted carbon dioxide in our atmosphere by capturing and concentrating it from the air, then sequestering it back into the planet.

TerraFixing's process has a technological advantage that enables atmospheric carbon removal at the lowest price, with scale. Our main goal at TerraFixing is affordable and scalable direct air carbon capture: an actual solution to global warming.

Our Technology

Unlike capturing emissions from single point sources like coal fired power plants, our technology is emission agnostic: we capture the CO2 from any source, directly from the air. Direct Air Carbon Capture (DAC) captures CO2 produced from all industries which is particularly useful for hard to decarbonize sectors like aviation, residential heating, and cooking. In addition to capturing today's emissions, DAC can turn back the clock and capture previous emissions that are still lurking in our atmosphere, effectively reversing global warming.

DAC as an industry is currently in its infancy and not all solutions that target DAC are the same. Our IP protected, proven, and validated technology differs from others, for example:

  • It can operate in cold climates: Canada, Norway, Alaska, Russia, Finland, Greenland, Tibetan plateau, and Antarctica

  • Potential of being sub $40/tonCO2 (fundamental tech advantage)

  • Requires only one input, clean electrical energy

  • and more...

Optimal Conditions

Clean Cheap Abundant Energy

Sequestration Site

Finding the Ideal Location

In order to make direct air capture a solution to global warming, ideal deployment locations must be selected. The ideal locations for our technology is a place where the weather conditions are cold and dry, is located near a sequestration site, and has an underutilized clean cheap abundant energy source.

Cold dry climates likeCanada, Norway, Alaska, Russia, Finland, Greenland, Tibetan plateau, Atacama Desert, and Antarctica have optimal conditions for our process. When paired with a clean cheap abundant energy source like wind power, hydroelectricity, small modular nuclear reactors, or geothermal, we will be able to capture CO2 for the lowest $/tonCO2. Once captured, we will be sequestrating the CO2 on site into the earth in one of the many potential sequestration sites that scatter our globe. To learn about ideal DAC locations, explore the maps of our world...

Be Part of the Solution

Love our planet

Work with us to reach your net zero emission targets and fix global warming. If you are a government, individual, or institution working towards net zero emissions, we can help.

The public perception of global warming is shifting. More and more governments and institutions are committing to lower their impact on global warming and going carbon negative. If your organization is among those leading in climate change, contact us, and we can work together for a better tomorrow.