Be a part of TerraFixing's mission to restore our planet's health

Our Purpose

Restoring the climate through carbon removals. Our technology leverages natural cold climates to enhance the efficiency of direct air carbon capture, enabling us to reutilize and permanently store captured carbon.

Our Vision

A world where direct air carbon capture in cold climates is a widespread solution for carbon removal, closing the carbon cycle, and reversing climate change.

Our Mission

Scaling direct air carbon capture (DACC) technology to efficiently remove centuries of greenhouse gas emissions at an unprecedented scale and speed, aiming for the lowest cost.

TerraFixing's Guiding Principles

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What do you love about TerraFixing?

Dr. Sean Wilson | Co-Founder & CEO

"It’s an entrepreneur’s dream – I am surrounded by a team of brave and dedicated individuals who all share in a united vision: solving global warming. The team’s camaraderie and collective determination truly inspire me, I’m incredibly honoured and proud to be leading TerraFixing in our mission against climate change."

Dr. Vida Gabriel | Co-Founder

"Each of us at TerraFixing is playing a role in reshaping the future - what could possibly be more exciting than that? Everything from late nights in the office, building (and breaking) things in the lab, impromptu meetings by the coffee machine, and our team builders are some of the things that I love most about TerraFixing. Working alongside inspired and brilliant individuals fills me with so much drive and purpose. These last few years of my life have been incredibly fulfilling."

Cindy To | Marketing & Project Manager (CO-OP)

"It’s like being in a constant big hug. From the first day of my CO-OP term, the team gave me a tonne of support, opportunities, and freedom to apply my strengths and learn. I'm encouraged to take on projects where I would beneficially develop my professional career, personal perspective and our world. TerraFixing is where learning and belonging come together to make an impactful change."

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