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Our Story

TerraFixing’s founders crossed paths in graduate school where they were each undertaking climate focused PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering. While Sean was mastering his adsorption-based gas separations skills, Vida was developing renewable and (bio)degradable polymers for adhesive applications. 

As they became friends, Sean shared his vision; having graduated and become an expert in the gas separations and adsorption field, he recognized what many people didn’t see: the future of direct air carbon capture was going to be in cold climates. Sean’s vision and leadership qualities inspired Vida and led her to the realization that her polymers, while not accumulating in nature, would eventually degrade and end up in the atmosphere, as carbon emissions. Wanting to make a positive impact on the climate through her career, she joined forces with Sean to patent the technology and incorporate TerraFixing in 2020.

Today, the TerraFixing team is leading ambitious projects to develop direct air capture technology in northern locations where renewable wind power and permanent storage opportunities abound and are key to the largest scale carbon capture. The founders started by wanting to contribute to a sustainable legacy and see TerraFixing as a means to leave a positive mark on the world for generations to come. 

Terra is a latin word for planet earth. Our mission is to build a technology that will be able to repair ("Fixing") the earth. 

Why the Flower?

Known for budding in cold climates globally and its distinct five petals, the Snow Gentian is a flower found throughout the arctic. The five petals are used to symbolize TerraFixing’s five-step process, and the five unit operation - particularly the fan.

TerraFixing's Founding Team

Tim Wilson, P.Eng.



Sean Wilson, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & CEO


Vida Gabriel, Ph.D. 



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